Sunday, October 18, 2015

Of Siblings and Their Spouses and All Things Apple

For several years, Noah has had a hankering to cook apple butter in a copper kettle like they used to do when he was a youngster. We started batting around ideas and decided it would be fun to include all nine of his siblings and their spouses. Much to our delight, all but one couple accepted our offer. All arrived on an October Monday afternoon.
 Early the next morning, Noah started a hedge fire.

Amos and Hannah got busy before breakfast cutting up and peeling apples.

Israel stirring the first apples put on to cook. Although we don't own a copper kettle, Noah went on a quest and borrowed one from a local Amish family.

Two farmers side by side... Andrew was unloading bean meal, while conversing with Melvin.

Meanwhile, more apples are being prepared.

And good conversation is also going on.

Noah stirs the pot...

while Alvin adds more apples.

All are interested in the process.

Israel stirs again. Everyone took turns stirring.

Meanwhile, we women got busy and made 85 half moon snitz pies from dried apples.

The delicious results were enjoyed with ham and bean soup for lunch...

Along with a small portion of Mollie's 30 pound block of cheese!

John stirs while Anna fills her jars.

More jars being filled.

Amos stirs while busy hands fill jars.

Now that the work is done, they sit and rest.

But the next day, everyone is back at prepping apples for cider.

Our garage becomes a hive of busy bees again.

Apples ready to press.

This is how we cooled the cider.

With everything cleaned up, everyone enjoyed visiting again.

Lunch. Around 3 p.m. the first couple left, and the rest followed within the next 15 hours. We enjoyed hosting everyone, although some slept at a nearby lodge. Hopefully, they all enjoyed it as much as we, and they have good memories of our time together, as do we.


  1. Carol, this is so interesting. It's so nice Noah's family could get together to do this. I remember going to Grandfather Heatwoles for a day of apple butter making and then later going back to my home and doing the same.

    1. Yes, Noah remembers his family making apple butter like this, but none of them do it anymore. It was a long process, but we had lots of help! I think the old timers did this every year. I think your sis, Barbara's in-laws still do it every year, right?

    2. Yep, we will be making apple butter this weekend with Terry's family. The half moon snitz pies looked so yummy and delicious. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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